This is an attempt to round up info on live & unreleased tapes for various 2nd and 3rd-tier westcoast bands. The big bands (the Dead, Airplane, etc) all have on-line databases and chronologies, but for the second-billed acts very little exists.

This webpage is subject to organic growth, and will be updated irregularly. Feel free to submit additions and corrections.

Other bands we plan to look into for the future are Love, Frumious Bandersnatch, Spirit, It's A Beautiful Day... 

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Sound quality rating

There are many different scales around, the one I use has the advantage of being easy to understand.

Excellent - commercial release quality
Good - satisfactory but not perfect
Fair - listenable, but not much more
Poor - essentially unlistenable, of interest only for very special items

"+" and "-" are used for fine tuning.

This translates into a 1-10 scale as follows:

EX = 10
EX-= 9
G+ = 8
G  = 7
G- = 6
F+ = 5
F  = 4
F- = 3
P+ = 2
P  = 1 


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